Mission Statement

Our Vision

Our vision is to be Greater Bellwood’s premier provider of business resources, and an innovation leader on economic growth for sustainable, livable communities.

Our Mission

To organize a healthy business ecosystem and advocate for its prosperity and sustainability.

The Principles That Guide Our Work and Reflect Our Values

  • Transparency- We will be a leader in transparency and accountability. We will communicate with our stakeholders clearly, with openness and honesty. We will never compromise the trust of our stakeholders to meet our goals and objectives.
  • Courage- We will always FAIL FORWARD. We owe it to our stakeholders to be innovative and push the envelope on creativity to uncover greater benefits. We will operate in a state of action, even in times of economic and political uncertainty.
  • Service- We will always respond to the needs of the proviso area community, and work in its best interest. We will aggregate resources and information to better serve our members while advocating for legislation that improves the business ecosystem.
  • Integrity- We promise to be who we say we will be and do what we say we will do, and live by these principles so that our members may derive the highest level of benefit from this chamber

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