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Our Vision

Our vision is to be Greater Bellwood’s premier provider of business resources, and an innovation leader on economic growth for sustainable, livable communities.

Our Mission

To organize a healthy business ecosystem and advocate for its prosperity and sustainability.

The Principles That Guide Our Work and Reflect Our Values

  • Transparency – We will be a leader in transparency and accountability. We will communicate with our stakeholders clearly, with openness and honesty. We will never compromise the trust of our stakeholders to meet our goals and objectives.
  • Courage – We will always FAIL FORWARD. We owe it to our stakeholders to be innovative and push the envelope on creativity to uncover greater benefits. We will operate in a state of action, even in times of economic and political uncertainty.
  • Service – We will always respond to the needs of the proviso area
    community, and work in its best interest. We will aggregate resources and
    information to better serve our members while advocating for legislation
    that improves the business ecosystem.
  • Integrity- We promise to be who we say we will be and do what we say we will do, and live by these principles so that our members may derive the highest level of benefit from this chamber.

The Bellwood Chamber of Commerce recognizes it must balance its role as a good steward of its financial resources and its role as an important partner to Bellwood and Proviso Township. To help guide in that effort, this policy offers guidelines and parameters to aid in responding to the many requests for charitable donations, event sponsorships and in-kind requests received by the Bellwood Board of Directors and members.

General Guidelines
Requests for sponsorships, donations or assistance must be submitted using the Bellwood Chamber Community Sponsorship/Donation Request Forms found below.

Preference is given to projects related to the following:

Economic growth and development
Job training and employment fairs
Youth Education – College tuition or job training
Resident Wellness programs
Village events (Taste of Bellwood, etc)
Neighborhood Fund raising events like – Pink Divas and Gents, Homeless,
ANSWER INC. Autism Awareness

Library Programs education, Food pantry
Religious community outreach programs like food pantries
non-profit/501(c)3 organizations
Housing emergency Shelter – Housing Forward, Salvation Army, Habitat

The requestor does not have to be affiliated with the Bellwood Chamber; however, Chamber members will be given precedence if all criteria is met equally among requestors. Sponsorships and charitable contributions will vary and will be reviewed on an individual basis.

● Individuals, including persons who are seeking financial support for their individual participation in a fundraising effort or event.
● Individuals requesting funds for their private use – regardless of the intent of need.
● Political causes or candidates
● Private athletic teams and athletic fundraising events not associated with area schools, municipalities or civic organizations.
● Programs outside Proviso Township.

Charitable Donations: 
As an important partner to the community, the Bellwood Chamber recognizes that there are unmet needs that we as a chamber can assist in supporting through financial donations. Requests for donations will be evaluated based upon the following criteria:
1. The donation meets donation or Sponsorship Guidelines and receives Bellwood Chamber Board Approval.
2. The donation meets current funding capabilities.
3. The donation supports the Chambers vision and Mission.
4. Priority will be given to requests by organizations that provide services in Proviso Township.
5. Funding in prior years does not guarantee continued funding in any subsequent year. 

The Bellwood Chamber will not provide charitable donations in the following instances:
1. Requests from organizations or programs that are inconsistent with the Bellwood Chamber’s Mission or Values or that would be deemed a conflict of interest.

Sponsorships typically represent requests for funding of community events. The benefits to the Bellwood Chamber may include the following:
1. Display and promotion of the Chamber’s brand and logo.
2. Verbal, written and/or visual acknowledgement at events, functions, etc. 
3. Participation opportunities for residents and Chamber members. 

Guidelines for Acceptable Sponsorships:
The Bellwood Chamber’s priority in providing sponsorships is to nonprofit groups and/or other business that share our community and our objectives. Requests for sponsorships will be evaluated based upon the following criteria:
1. The sponsorship meets Bellwood Chambers Sponsorship Guidelines and Approval Process.
2. The sponsorship meets current funding capabilities.
3. The sponsorship supports the Bellwood Chamber’s Mission and vision statements.
4. The sponsorship provides for broad community impact. 

How to Apply:
Formal requests for donations and sponsorships should be made by completing the Community Sponsorship/Donation Request Forms below. Please submit the form at least six weeks before your event. SCCH Sponsorship/Donation Form Please complete the form below to be considered for a sponsorship, donation or paid advertisement by the Bellwood Chamber.

Bellwood Chamber Sponsorship/Donation Form

Sponsorship/Donation Form

MM slash DD slash YYYY
Name of Requestor(Required)
Is this a 501(c) non-profit agency?(Required)
Does the sponsorship include a program advertisement?(Required)
MM slash DD slash YYYY

Complete the form online, email or fax the completed form, or print and complete and send to:

Bellwood Chamber  P.O. Box 86
Bellwood, IL 60104

Web site:
Email: [email protected]


The Bellwood Chamber reserves the right to deny any request, at its sole discretion. Funding in prior years does not guarantee continued funding in any subsequent year. Requests are evaluated once per month. Applicants will be notified of approval or denial via email. 


Questions are welcome and should be directed to:

Bellwood Chamber of Commerce & Industry

P.O. Box 86

Bellwood, IL 60104

[email protected] 


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